Awkward introductions


“A human is nothing but the product of only his/her words”

-Mahatma Gandhi


Who told me my friends and family NEEDED me to always be, okay?


I’m Kay and this is my safe space and hopefully it will become your safe space as well. Too often we express that we are “okay” when the reality is that we are attempting to be okay for those around us or to maintain this image of strength. We are a product of our words but we cannot will or manifest a healthy mental space without the work. The two most transparent things you can do is TALK and SHARE. But they are also two of the hardest things to do. In life we face love, loss, hopelessness, happiness, and loneliness amongst other things. I thought about stuffing every thought and idea into this intro post but yea I am not doing that today. “Oh Kay” was created to remind you life is not a journey you travel alone. I hope to travel this journey together …or maybe this will be a series of me talking to myself (lol) we shall see! But feel free to comment below let's engage! And if you have a topic or story to share we can do that too!






  • Posted on by Nikki
    This is true for me also! “Okay” has so many meanings for me. Sometimes I don’t trust to let you in, I’m not ready to talk about it, I’ll fall apart talking about it, etc! But I’m learning staying busy, only builds up what I’m holding in and trying to avoid dealing with! Being “Okay” is just another costume mask for me! But I’m learning!
  • Posted on by Kay
    I thank all of you for your transparency and leaving a comment. In life being “okay” has been a substitute or fill in for what we have not learned to express or where words fail us. I wish for all of us to be more than ok, more than a symbol of strength, or a word so minuscule as “okay” to portray our state of being. Thank you for taking this journey with me. We are just getting started!
  • Posted on by Dee
    Ok … I don’t know what “ok” ever was. Plenty of times I said it and I would be.. but then I spent holidays, birthdays and my important moments alone. I wasn’t ok , I didn’t know I wasn’t ok until I checked myself in the hospital thinking something was wrong with me.

    I don’t want to be a strong black woman I just want to be a woman, and that comes with finding spaces like this and being real with yourself. The truth is we deserve to be more than “ok” because “ok” to me was lies I told myself to keep from being sad.

  • Posted on by Jahmira Taylor

    I have lived my entire life being “Ok”, being the strong one in the family, but I have had plenty of moments when I have not been “OK”. I am looking forward to exploring this topic with you.

  • Posted on by DeJuan

    Me too! I’m learning to be okay with not being okay. Looking forward to seeing your journey!

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